February – What a month! A semi-frozen economy, the frozen wasteland of Texas, 20 million people vaccinated in the UK and a road map to the sunny uplands of mass live events.  And that was just here on planet Earth - Mars was visited by Perseverance, once again we were treated to an example how our tech may lead us to new worlds and fresh understandings.

Perseverance has been the name of the game for the last year for so many of us; be that socially or economically.  Stoicism has helped many through these times but, as spring starts to stir, we have hope that the six months ahead will see us move to a more normal existence.  I for one cannot wait to enjoy a beer with friends and family, meet with clients and enjoy watching some live event or another.

Here are at Polestar it has been crazy busy with five very live transactions, two of which are trying to complete before Rishi stands up at his dispatch box and delivers his budget: the lingering fears of a rise in CGT remain. 

Despite all this activity, we have found some time to blog on some points of interest. Bhav has looked at digital healthcare predictions for 2021digital healthcare predictions for 2021, Chris has drawn our attention to how 5G will increase automation and reporting in manufacturing, whilst Mihir discusses how the Gym may in fact be an essential service.

We have also looked at issues facing students, how a carbon tax on food might work and finally looking forward to a British Holiday.

So let's look forward to March with a spring in our step and, in the words of The Cars, let the good times roll!

Kind regards,