A sunny day to end the stay-at-home order!  Spring has properly sprung and so many of us looking forward to the Easter break.  A chance to finally catch up with friends and family - outside, of course, and no more than six people at a time.  I for one am quite excited.

So it seems is much of the UK.  Although I have never heard of an Easter Tree, apparently demand has increased by nearly 1000%.  

If you've never heard of an Easter tree, this could be the year you finally see one.

Searches for the seasonal decoration have shot up tenfold as shoppers aim to make the Easter weekend a celebration to remember.

It has become more significant this year as it marks the first time for months that many families and friends will be able to get together.

And shoppers are pulling out the stops to make the most of the chance to escape lockdown misery.  In addition to Easter Trees we apparently we are going mad for:

  • Decorations
  • Eggs
  • Party food
  • Garden furniture
  • Tools, seeds, etc

Outdoor fun

Three-quarters of people say Easter will be the first time they'll see loved ones this year, according to Sainsbury's research.

Three out of five said they're planning to host Easter lunch outside while four out of five said wet weather won't stop them going ahead with their outdoor plans.

"Lots of our customers are opting to enjoy their Easter weekend outdoors with families and friends this Spring," said Claire Hughes, director of product & innovation at Sainsbury's.

Wonderful time

Are religious leaders concerned about Easter's rebirth as a post-lockdown party?

"After this very long Covid, which has impacted the lives of all of us of every age, it's wonderful that Easter should be the event that will bring people together to celebrate and have fun," the Rev Beverley Mason, bishop of Warrington told The Times.

"Easter really lends itself to an explosion of love and joy and thankfulness for one another. Tinsel and baubles and gifts? I say, 'Bring it on' — together with the resurrection cocktails, the chocolate and the sparklers."

I personally am a little dubious of a resurrection cocktail, I think a great piece of spring lamb, seasonal veg and a glass of two of wine.  And to help me choose the best wine where better than a trip to Decanter.